Lowest Price

Hosts/owners promise to update their listings with the same price as those they are offering on their own website and in their marketing. If you can find a lower price for the same property and room/bed elsewhere, we will of course match this.

No Booking Fees

Besides the Lowest Price Guarantee, you'll also benefit from NO booking fees or card charges - a bargain not to be missed.

Payment Protection

When you rent a room/bed for a month or more, you are often putting down a great deal of money. We understand that you would feel better knowing your money will be kept safe and secure until you have checked out the property and the amenities.

As you trust us with the booking of your stay, we keep your money safely for up to 24 hours after you have checked in. 

It means that we will offer a full refund for your stay if…

  • you’re prevented or denied access to your rental when you check in
  • the property is misrepresented (differing substantially to what was advertised)

After this time, will we hand over your payment to the host/owner. 

A great solution for both parties, as both parties can trust us as an intermediary.

Earn Credits & Points

For each booking you make, we give you some money back for you to use on another occasion. We do this to honour and show appreciation for loyal members. You will also receive one point for each night you stay using our platform. We will use these points to reward you with special benefits. More on these benefits will be announced in e-mails in the coming months.

Easy Cancellation

If you cannot move into the space you have booked, we allow you to cancel your stay using a simple form. Before moving in, you can head to your booking-info page (the link has been sent on e-mail) and click the “Cancel Stay” button. You will then be asked to fill in a simple form to explain why you cannot move in.

This can be done if you comply with the cancellation-rules the host has set. Info about this will also be shown on the booking-info page.

Trusted Payments

We are only using professional payment partners and encrypted web-connection between all parties involved.

All payments are done on coliving.com and we are not sending you away to other sites for completion of a transaction. This has been done specifically for your peace of mind and to ensure the most secure way of sending payments.

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