All payments are submitted to the bank at 4pm Arizona time on banking weekdays. Payments made on the weekend or banking holidays are submitted on the next business day at 4pm Arizona time.

Payments that have been submitted cannot be canceled. Your bank must fail the payment before the payment will be reversed/canceled. This can take from a day to weeks.

One-time payments can be created at any time. Recurring payments can be scheduled to recur once a month on a specific day. Remember to cancel your recurring payments before you move out to avoid any unwanted additional payments - especially if you prepay.

On the day a recurring payment is scheduled to recur, the payment will be generated between midnight and 2am but will not be submitted until 4pm Arizona time on the next business day. Therefore, you can cancel the generated payment up until it is submitted. And, of course, you can always cancel the recurring payment before it generates a new payment.

Your payment will show up in your bank anywhere from a few hours after submission to a few days, depending on your bank. So make sure you keep enough funds in your account. It is not an instant payment. It is more like an electronic check - it can bounce for insufficient funds..

Canceling a Recurring Payment

1. To cancel a recurring payment, navigate to the Payments tab. You'll see any active recurring payments here. All still cancelable payments have a "Cancelable" tag. Click on the recurring payment.

2. Click the red cancel button.

3. You'll receive a confirmation pop-up. Click OK.

That's it. You're done. You've canceled your recurring payment.

One-Time or Generated Payments

1. To cancel a one-time or generated payment, click on the Payments tab. You'll see one-time payments under the Scheduled or Processing tab without the "Recurs next on" tag. Above is an $1,000 one-time payment. The difference between Scheduled and Processing for a one-time payment is whether a receipt has been generated. Receipts currently generate every hour (this is to reduce unnecessary receipt generation.)

2. Click the red Cancel button.

3. You'll receive a confirmation pop-up. Click OK.

That's it. You're done. You've canceled your one-time or generated payment.

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