Sometimes you need to make sure funds are not accidentally paid out. For example, you know a big bill is upcoming or a Vendor owes you a refund.

You can place a payment hold on any payable contact. This will prevent payment.

To do so, navigate to the contact and click Edit.

Find the section called "Payment Settings." You'll see the following:

In this example, we checked the box and added a note that says, "Owes refund of deposit on job that was re-assigned." Hit Save/Submit.

Now, when we go to make a one-off payment to this contact, we will see this message:

And in the Batch Payment Workflow, we will see the following error and the invoices will be uncheckable/unpayable:

Once the hold is removed, everything will return to normal.

You can instead or also place a hold on a Property. There are separate instructions for that.

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