Sometimes, instead of holding payment to a specific contact, you want to hold payment from a specific property to *any* contact. For example, you need to hold funds for a large repair and want to be sure money is not accidentally paid out in the normal course of business to something less urgent.

To place a payment hold on a property, navigate to any given property and click Edit.

Find the checkbox called "Hold Outgoing Payments" and the field "Holds Notes."

In this example, we checked the box and added the note, "Replacing roof. Hold non-emergency payments."

Now, for any invoice for that property, if a user tries to make a manual payment, they will see this error:

And if the user tries to make a payment through the Batch Payment Workflow, they will see the following and be unable to checkbox the invoice and make the payment until the hold is removed:

You can instead or also place a hold on a payable contact. There are separate instructions for that.

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