The Owner Report is not just a report, it also has actions: Owner Report


By default, the Owner Report has no filters set. However, you can filter by Property or Property Group. For example, let's say you have a Property Group called "15th Day of Month Statements" and another called "End of Month Statements." You could use those to filter the owners that show up in this report.

Statement Settings:

One of the most important columns in this report is called "Statements." It tells you how each owner contact will receive its statements:

First off, on any Owner contact that you want to receive a statement emailed or mailed through coManage, you need to navigate to that contact and click Edit.

Then navigate to the Statements section and check the relevant box:

If "Receive Email Statements" is selected, then every email address under that Owner contact will receive a statement copy when statements are run. As such, if you have contacts that you want associated with the property but to not receive statements, create them as a separate contact with no statements checked and add them to the respective Portfolio as a 0% owner.

Currently, if "Receive Letter Statements" is checked, coManage will print and mail a copy of the statement. Delivery currently takes 5-10 days.

If you want statements neither emailed or mailed, uncheck both boxes and the batch workflow will ignore that contact.



Now comes the fun part, generating and emailing or mailing statements. Using the checkboxes on the left, you can check some or all of the owner contacts.

You can run either the Owner Statement or the Financial Statements in a batch. We intend to refine this in the future such that the reports being run are set on the contact.

Here is the Batch Owner Statement modal. You need to select the relevant cash account (Owner Statement is essentially a Property Cash Ledger for all activity in a given period for all Properties associated with that Owner through their Portfolios), start and end dates, checkbox if you want to include reversed transactions (this is usually no), checkbox whether you want emails/letters sent (unchecking will generate the statements and append them to the contacts and Files index without sending them), and fill in what you want your email subject line and body to be. The emails will come from your organization's default email address.

Once you hit create, a confirmation will pop up confirming how many statements you intend to generate. Once you confirm, the statements will begin generating. If there are a lot, it may take a few minutes, you can leave the tab and come back.

Once a given statement is done generating, you can click on "View" to see its File page and if it and how it was sent.

Financial Statements are the same procedure and contain an Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet. The Income and Cash Flow Statements contain Year-to-Date data and are good for year end statements for tax accounting purposes.


The Owner Report also contains a "Copy Email Addresses" action. With this action, for every Owner Contact that you have checkboxed, the emails on their contact will get copied to your computers clipboard and comma separated. Therefore, you can paste them into your email application of choice and send a mass BCC. For example, "Happy New Year!" with a message. If you want to do something more dynamic or complex, you can always download this report as a CSV. This same action is available on the Tenant and Vendor Reports.

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