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How to generate Late Fees and Late Notices
How to generate Late Fees and Late Notices
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In other property management software, we weren't happy with how non-transparent late fee generation was. It was too much of a black box and would behave in unexpected ways.

We love working off of the Aged Receivable Report and therefore have added Late Fee Generation as an action on that report. It also where we added the Late Notices action.

The Aged Receivable Report lists Occupants with unpaid balances as of a specific day.

On the left are checkboxes that allow you to take Actions, which is a button at the top. It will be greyed out unless you select an Occupancy.

Late Fees

When you click on "Batch Charges/Credits", you can enter in a fee that will be charged to every Occupancy that you've selected. This is the modal that you will see:

This actions is most commonly used for Late Fees but could be used for any GL Account.

Once you click "Create", you will see a confirmation message. One you confirm, the set fees will be charged to all of those Occupancies in a batch.

You can always find the batch and reverse it in full if you've made an error through the Charges index.

To reverse a batch, checkbox all and click the "Reverse" button:

The following modal will pop up:

Once you confirm, they will be reversed.

NOTE: You cannot reverse paid/used charges/credits.

Late Notices

To generate and send Late Notices, you must first have set you up a template. This can be done quickly.

Once you have a template setup, you checkbox those that you wish to notify and go to Actions > Batch Late Notice.

The following modal will pop up:

If you checkbox, "Send as Email", it will email a copy to all emails of all Occupants of that Occupancy.

If you checkbox, "Send as Letter", it will mail a letter by USPS and we have proof of mailing.

If you checkbox neither, it will generate the notice as a PDF and append it to the Occupancy and your Files index. Therefore, you can print it or email it as desired.

When click "Create", a confirmation dialog will appear. After you hit confirm, a status modal will show.

Clicking on "View" will take you to the file view of that notice. Here it will display how it was sent, by whom and when.

That's it. If you have any questions or ideas, let us know!

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