We're expanding this functionality rapidly.

Navigate to any file via the Files index (Reports > Files) or the attachments section of a Property, Unit, Contact, Occupancy, etc.

You will see a page like this:

In the "Shared With" lookup field, find a coManage user with which you'd like to share. Hit Enter.

NOTE: The contact with which you want to share must have already joined coManage. If you wish to send a file to someone that is not on coManage and thus not on the list, simply download it and email it directly - for now.

It should look like this when you're done:

To unshare, simply click the "X" next to the Contact with which you've shared.

This is how it will appear to the user you've shared with:

It's that simple. Mobile-app users cannot currently share files with you but that functionality is coming soon.

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