Finding Marketed Properties and Units

To see already marketed properties and units, click Properties then Properties or Units on the navigation side bar. From there, you can quickly select the marketing filter to see properties or units that are currently being marketed.

Marketing a Property

To market a property, navigate to any property or unit you wish to market via the navigation side bar or universal search.

While on the property or unit, select the Edit button in the top right. From there, scroll down to the Leasing & Marketing section.

Leasing & Marketing Fields

Market Rent and Security Deposit are the asking rent and deposit for marketing purposes. Both are required to market a property/unit.

Target Market Rent and Target Deposit are for using on lease renewal letters or reports. These fields are not required to market a property/unit.

Date Available is required to market a property/unit.

Syndicate to Internet. When this box is checked, the listing is live on the coManage website and your website if you've embedded our listing engine. It also is syndicated to partners, see more below. Errors will show up below this checkbox and must be resolved prior to listing. More on that below.

Title is optional.

Description is required to market a property/unit.

Application Link can be left blank. It is where you can put a link to your application if it's a web form or downloadable PDF. You can also attach a file to the Property/Unit and make it public. We'll go over that more below in Add Pictures & Files.

Name can be left blank. If it is, it will use your org's default name (e.g. "ACME Management"). If you add a name here, it will show that name instead of the default (e.g. "Bob Jones of Team Green").

Phone can be left blank. If it is, it will use your org's default phone. If you add a phone number here, it will show that phone number instead of the org phone number.

Contact Email can be left blank. If it is, it will use your org's default email. If you add an email here, it will show that email instead of the org email.

Click "Edit" in the bottom right corner to save.

Requirements for Syndication

In order to syndicate a property on the internet, our partners require you to define the following:

  1. A website for your business.

    To set your business website, go to Settings > Contact Information, and add the URL to the Company Website URL field and click Save.

    Here is a direct link:

    If you don't have a website, that is fine. You can use a Facebook, LinkedIn, or other public page, or use

  2. Upload and make public at least 3 images.
    To upload photos and make them public, see the Add Pictures & Files section below this. If you do not have photos ready, we recommend some standard "Coming Soon" images (try a search engine) and perhaps a business logo.

  3. The Market Rent, Security Deposit, Square Footage, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Description, and Available Date fields set.

Until these fields are correctly set, you will receive Marketing Errors that tell you what needs correction. Once the corrections are made, the "Syndicate to Internet" checkbox is checked, and you click Save/Edit, your listing will begin to syndicate.

Our syndication partners are currently Zumper, PadMapper, Microsoft Bing, Movoto, RentLingo, Uloop, and Trovit. Zumper only allows five (5) free listings. It will always only list the five (5) most recent. Premium listings are forthcoming.

Add Pictures & Files

To add pictures or files to a listing, you can drag and drop from a folder on your computer into the attachments section or click the "Upload" link. Both allow multi-uploading.

By default, nothing that you upload is public. You must mark each picture or file as public in order for it to show up on a listing. You must also set a cover photo.

For pictures, you can do so by clicking the sandwich button like so:

For files, you must click the lock/unlock button to make a file public.

Photos and files marked public will look like this:

To unshare, do the same actions in reverse.

Public Listings on or Your Website

Public listings can be viewed in a list or on a map:

And here is the property/unit view:

To unshare the property, simply uncheck "Syndicate to Internet."

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