When doing a reconciliation, you sometimes want to tie out one GL account against another. The most common example of this is comparing the Security Deposit cash GL account to the Security Deposit liability GL account.

Navigate to Reports > Property GL Comparison Report

Here you can compare the absolute difference between two GL account balances as of a specific date.

In this example, we're comparing 1120 Escrow Cash to 2250 Tenant Deposits for all Properties. However, by clicking the "+" sign in the bottom right hand corner we can filter by additional variables like specific Properties, Property Groups or Portfolios.

By default, the report sorts from largest difference to smallest.

As we can see here, there are seven properties with a difference between 1120 Escrow Cash and 2250 Tenant Deposits.

Most often, this is because of an incomplete journal entry or booking a receipt to the wrong cash account. Now that you've narrowed down possible errors, you can run a General Ledger report for each property until you find the problematic entry and fix it.

Here is an example of an "in-balance" month:

You can export this report as PDF or CSV to your computer or "Save to Files", which means copy to the coManage Files index.

This report usually dovetails with a reconciliation report as the totals of this report should equal the totals of the reconciliation report.

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