Occupancies connect Tenant Contacts to Properties or Units. Tenant Contacts can belong to more than one Property or Unit at a time. Occupancies are either Open or Closed. Closing an Occupancy will stop any open recurring charges from recurring. it will also allow you to filter out closed occupancies from the Rent Roll and other reports.

Before you create Occupancies, be sure that you've already created the Properties or Units you wish the occupants to occupy.


You can create an Occupancy by navigating to the "Create Occupancy" option in the Shortcut Menu.

Or by going to the Occupancies index in the sidebar (Properties > Occupancies) and finding the button.

To Edit, navigate to an Occupancy via the search bar, the index, a Property/Unit, or a Report. Once on the Occupancy, you can click Edit in the top right corner.


Occupancies connect Tenant Contacts to Properties or Units. The Occupancy Create form lets you quick create new Tenant Contacts or you can pre-create Tenant Contacts or use already existing ones.

First you select a Property or Unit by clicking here and selecting the unit.

Then you find and select an existing Tenant Contact or create a new one.

If you create a new one, the minimum data is name but we recommend that you also add rent and click the "Create Recurring Charge" checkbox. This will set the Rent payment to recur on the 1st of the month. You can edit this and add any other charges later.

We also highlighted the "Add Another Tenant" button. Push this if the Occupancy will have more than one Tenant.

Click "Save Occupancy" and you're done.

Editing & Closing Occupancies

Editing an Occupancy lets you close it. imply check the "Closed" checkbox.

Here you can also place holds and block portal payments. For example, if you want someone else in your organization to know not to accept payment or want to prevent portal payments due to say filing for eviction.

We also allow you to track a lot more information about an Occupancy on the Edit screen. For example, notice, move out, and turn details.

We also allow you to track deposit disposition and collections details, if any.

All of this data can be forever edited, whether the Occupancy is open or closed.

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