Contacts, like Properties, are a prerequisite for most things in coManage. Contacts can be Vendors, like the local utility company, plumber or your insurer. Or they can be Owners, like your partners or clients if you manage for others. Or, they can be Tenants.

You need Contacts to create Work Orders and payable invoices and payments. They track who a payment was made to or where and how it needs to be mailed. You can also use them generating notices and statements. And, of course, you need Tenant Contacts to create occupancies and track financial data.


To create a Contact, navigate to the Shortcut Menu and select "Create Contact."

Or navigate to any of the People indexes in the sidebar (People > Tenants or People > Vendors) and select "Create Contact" in the top right:


The first option you'll have is Contact Type. The most common are Tenant and Vendor.

If the contact is a company, you can check "Use the company name as the display name."

If you selected a Vendor as Type, you get to select a Vendor subtype. Your options are: Contractor, Utility, HOA, Insurer, Lender, Tax, Supplier, Legal, and Other. This selection matters in other areas. For example, only Vendor Type of Utility can be selected as a Utility on a Property or Unit page. Same with HOA for the HOA section.

We also ask if you want to "Share your experience with this vendor with other coManage users." Every time you create a Work Order in coManage, you get the opportunity to do nothing, upvote or downvote the Work Order.

We aggregate this information to rank the performance of Vendors. This helps protect you and everyone else on the platform from bad jobs and rewards good jobs. However, if it's a vendor whose information you don't want shared (like your cousin who is hauling some trash for you), uncheck the box.

Then we have the other pre-requisites of phone numbers and emails. You can also add notes to each phone number or email.

Address is required. Why? Because address is how we send or track payments and tax information.

The last option is Consolidation. It's best to leave this on the default of "Generate one consolidated check / ACH per day for all invoice payments." Most companies can handle receiving consolidated payments. On rare exceptions, especially with HOA lockboxes, you can select, "Generate individual checks / ACH transfers for each invoice payment."

Click "Submit" to save. You can now use this Contact in the rest of coManage =)


You can also add Contacts via the Marketplace if it is enabled in your metropolitan area. First, navigate to the Marketplace, then click on one of the Service Providers.

Now you can click "Add to Contacts" on the right.

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