We've built for you a simple way to track many different payable accounts across many properties and quickly batch create Invoices with varying amounts, like utility bills where the amount is different every month, and unlike Recurring Invoices, which have a fixed amount, like an HOA fee that is the same every month.

1. You can use this feature by navigating to any Property or Unit and finding the "Accounts" section and clicking the green plus button:

2. Here you can select the Payee Contact, optionally set the Account Number so that you can quickly find it when paying a new Invoice, add any Notes, optionally set a Default GL Account, and optionally add an Amount. Then you can toggle an Account as active/inactive. For example, for when you turn utilities on and off during a turn.

Click the Submit button when you're done. Don't worry you can edit this after you Submit.

3. The Accounts that we've added will now appear in this Accounts section of the Property or Unit they were added to:

4. Once you've input all of your expected Accounts on all of your Properties and Units, when you receive new Invoices, you can go to the Accounts Report and quickly enter them in a batch. To do so, go to Reports > Reports in the navbar menu then to the Accounts Report:

5. From here, you can optionally add filters using the green plus button if you have lots of Accounts.

Here are the filter options:

You can filter by Payee, like "Southwest Gas Company" if you have a stack of Southwest Gas Company bills. Or you can filter by Properties.

For this example, we're going to filter for the Property we just added those Accounts to:

Click "Generate Report".

6. From here, you can checkbox the Accounts that correspond to the bills you received:

Once you've selected them, click on the Actions dropdown button and select "Batch Account Invoices":

A new box will pop up and let you set the Bill Date, Due Date, Description, change the GL Account, and set the Amount. Once you're satisfied, click Create.

7. You'll be taken to the Invoices index and the Invoices are ready to be approved and paid or marked paid.

8. You're all done. You can use this to manage from a few to thousands of Accounts.

To approve and pay Invoices, please refer to this help article.

As always, reach out to us with any questions.

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