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How To Increase Your Chances Of A Match
How To Increase Your Chances Of A Match

This article will help you understand how long it takes until you find the perfect sales agents

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Perhaps this is a slightly strange analogy; however, finding the right self-employed sales partners is a lot like networking or dating. It takes time to find the right partners. Some companies find their perfect sales partners in the first month or two, while others can take longer.

Be proactive

Being proactive is very important. When people create accounts on dating websites, they are still out living their lives every day and when you do connect, it takes time to get to know that person. You wouldn’t class yourself as being in a serious relationship after exchanging the first message or two.

In the case of self-employed sales agents, they’re already likely to be representing other companies as part of a diverse sales portfolio. This means they’re out selling every day. By creating an account on CommissionCrowd, they essentially indicate that they’re open to taking on additional products or services.

The key takeaway is to remember that you’re building relationships with real people, which takes time and patience in the early stages of connection. Additionally, it’s also important to be proactive and follow up with sales agents you’re interested in working with should you not hear back from them after a day or two.

Be personal in your approach

Being personal in your initial messages will set you apart from people who copy and paste generic messages to multiple sales agents. Make sure you've read their profile and keep the tone friendly in your opening message.

Let the person know you've taken the time to read their profile and demonstrate why you feel your products or services would be a good fit for their portfolio. Always ask if there's a suitable time to set up a call should they be interested in what you're offering.

Be diverse in your search

Not every sales agent will have experience in your industry or are looking to permanently add products or services like yours to their portfolio. However, there may be opportunities where sales agents can refer business your way should their existing clients require your services.

When conducting your searches, think about sales agents who don't necessarily operate within your industry, but potentially have contact with existing clients of theirs who might need what you provide.

Let them know that you've read their profile and understand what they currently sell and who to and that they may have inroads into potential clients for your business. You're happy to pay referral commissions for any introductions they can potentially make.

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