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Guide To Getting Started For Companies
🎥 Watch Video: FAQ's For Companies
🎥 Watch Video: FAQ's For Companies

Frequently asked questions answered for companies

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If you've never worked with B2B commission-based sales professionals before we know you've probably got a lot of questions before getting started.

We've recorded a short video addressing the most frequently asked questions by our new members to help you better understand who these people are, how they operate and how CommissionCrowd works.

Video Chapters
0:00. Intro
0:48 Who are B2B commission-only sales professionals
2:11. Benefits of working with commission sales professionals
4:24 How CommissionCrowd works
5:51 What is an active sales opportunity
6:59 What help do you get when joining
10:01 How to target your search
13:08 What makes an opportunity attractive
18:14 How much commission should I offer
21:05 What happens after we connect with an agent
23:00 How to join CommissionCrowd

More Questions Answered!

  • Is this only for the UK Agents/Companies? No! We are a UK based business but we offer a global platform. As a matter of fact the majority of our agents sell into the North American territories: Check out our live sales agent stats.

  • When do I pay commissions? Commission payments to sales agents are made after they close a new customer for you and that new customer has paid for your services. The agent will raise an invoice for their commission via our platform and you pay it typically within 7 days of receiving funds from your new customer.

  • This is my first time working with commission-only sales agents. What should I expect? As you may have noticed in our case studies and testimonials, launching a commission-only sales team can be incredibly lucrative, rewarding and even transformational for your business—no matter its size, industry or location. The revenue potential is immense! The key to maximizing your chances of enjoying these results is a win-win partnership mentality. Done right, this process is similar to finding an investor or business partner. Our clients who focus on networking and relationship-building tend to achieve the best and quickest results. Be ready to cast a wide net, invest in relationships and focus on finding win-win scenarios!

  • How long will it take to find sales agents? Good question! We’ve seen clients find an agent in a few days, and for others, it takes a few weeks or longer. The amount of time it takes to find an agent hinges primarily on your targeting (how you use the search function to narrow down the agent community by location, specialty, etc.) and inviting (how many direct invitations you send per week). Beyond that, you’ll find that this is a process with many moving parts—though many of these variables are under your control. CommissionCrowd’s fast-growing agent community and powerful assistive technology put you in the driver’s seat!

  • What is a “sales opportunity listing”? A sales opportunity listing is our version of a job post. Once you see how engaging, sophisticated and specialised our opportunity listings are, you’ll see why we had to create our own term to describe them! Your opportunity listing will capture everything that makes your sales opportunity uniquely attractive and present key details that will motivate agents to apply.

  • Will you promote my opportunity listing—or will I have to invite agents? Yes! If you decide to purchase a membership, it will include both an inbound and an outbound component. Your opportunity listing will be featured, promoted and visible when agents search our platform for opportunities, which means some applications will come to you (inbound). You’ll also invite agents individually (outbound). Generally, we’ve found that focusing on the outbound component (sending agent invitations) gives you maximum control over the magnitude and timing of your results.

  • How do I qualify for your Application Guarantee? Qualifying is easy if you decide to purchase a membership: 1) Have a legally registered and operational business with client testimonials 2) Have at least one active sales opportunity listing (with changes implemented based on our guidance and feedback) 3) Send between 100 - 250 agent invitations (dependent on the membership length you purchase) 4) Ask for help when you need it and communicate any challenges you face. That’s it! When you meet these accessible qualifications, we guarantee between 2-5 sales agent applications, or you’ll get the same amount of time that you paid for free.

  • Do we need to have a meeting before I sign up? - Great news! No meeting is required. Our chat operators are highly experienced and can quickly answer any questions you may have. Many of our clients find answers to their more advanced questions in our Help Center or the Resources area of our website. As a CommissionCrowd client, you’ll never be alone! What questions can we answer for you?

  • Is there a free trial? As a first step, we recommend registering for a free CommissionCrowd account, which will allow you to:

    • Search our market-leading database of commission-only sales agents

    • Start building your sales opportunity listing

    • Tour our built-in team management tools

    It's only when you want to publish your sales opportunity or begin reaching out to agents that you need to purchase a membership.

  • Is CommissionCrowd a job board? No, we're a networking platform. CommissionCrowd empowers you to attract, train, manage and inspire a profitable commission-only sales team all in one place—at around 2% of the annual cost of hiring one in-house salesperson! You’ll be able to network with a global community of professional commission-only agents, view detailed profiles to effortlessly identify ideal candidates and leverage powerful all-in-one functionality to manage your team efficiently.

The following articles also answer some of our most frequently asked questions by companies using CommissionCrowd to build and manage their global commission-only sales teams:

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