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Why Is CommissionCrowd Free For Independent Sales Reps?
Why Is CommissionCrowd Free For Independent Sales Reps?

Wondering why CommissionCrowd is free for sales reps and if there's a catch? This article explains all

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As a sales professional you more than likely don't hold the word 'free' in high regard. It's a word that's thrown around all too often and perhaps even gives the impression that there's a catch somewhere along the line that will force you into upgrading or parting with your hard earned money in some way or another. 

The word 'Free' is also often associated with being valueless or throw-away which is absolutely not what you'll find when joining CommissionCrowd. 

Let me take a second to explain why CommissionCrowd is 'Free' for independent sales reps and answer some of the most common questions we receive:

Why is CommissionCrowd free for sales agents?

Quite simply, CommissionCrowd is free for independent sales professionals because we charge companies to join and connect with you. That's our business model and always will be.

CommissionCrowd is a two sided Marketplace (companies and agents) that simply won't work if there's an unbalance on either side. We know that quality sales opportunities attract quality sales professionals, which is why we dedicate huge time and resources working with our company members to ensure that:

A). They understand what self-employed sales reps expect from a commission-based opportunity.

B). They position their opportunity in a way that's attractive and easy to understand. 

C). They are personally vetted by us to ensure that every company on our database is credible and have products/services that will compliment your networks perfectly.

All of the above takes time, money and resources on our part which is why we charge companies to join us. The result is that you are only presented with high quality sales opportunities that you simply won't find on generic, outdated job websites.

What's the catch?

It can be hard to believe but there is no catch. We fight hard for every single sales professional that joins CommissionCrowd. As well as vetting every company before they join, we fight for higher commissions to ensure that you get the rewards you deserve for introducing companies to your networks, prospecting and closing business for your new sales partners.

We will NEVER take anything from your commissions and our business model is to charge companies on the back end of closed business, not the sales person.

There are no trials and no credit cards required, just a platform dedicated entirely to the independent sales industry and jam packed full of quality, vetted companies from all over the world for you to work with.

But Free means cheap right? Where's The Value?

Not in this case. Our team dedicated over three years in research and development before launching CommissionCrowd, and we're still working round the clock to constantly improve our platform every day. 

Our entire business was built along with the help and guidance of numerous independent sales reps that told us their challenges and pain points while working on a self-employed basis. 

CommissionCrowd has been specifically developed to drive the independent sales industry forward and we couldn't do it without the thousands of incredible professionals already using our platform.

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