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How To Create The Perfect Sales Opportunity (Guide)
How To Create The Perfect Sales Opportunity (Guide)

This article will show company members how to create the perfect sales opportunity for agents on CommissionCrowd

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Simply Login then head to your 'Opportunities' tab in your dashboard then select the sales opportunity you wish to edit.

We’ll now walk you through creating a great sales opportunity. Each of the headings below correspond to a field in your sales opportunity edit screen.

Opportunity Name - (The title of your sales opportunity)

It’s important to create a compelling title for your sales opportunity as it's quite literally the first thing agents see in our search listings.

It should be short and descriptive of the opportunity you’re presenting and not just the name of your company or product. It’s a good idea to include the commission % and state if leads are provided also. Here's an example based on CommissionCrowd:

"CommissionCrowd - Help Companies Grow With B2B Commission-only Sales Reps - 25% Commission + Residuals & Leads Provided"

Short Summary

Your short summary is also one of the first things that sales agents see before clicking in to read your full opportunity. The tone should be set towards sales agents so avoid copy and pasting from your company website. In a couple of paragraphs try and be as descriptive as you can about the sales opportunity you are presenting to agents.

We recommend covering:

1. Who you are, and what you do.

2. A quick summary of what your product or service is and the solution it provides.

3. A little information about your target markets (who sales agents will be selling to).


Not every sales agent will have experience in your industry or are looking to permanently add your products or services to their portfolio. However, there may be opportunities where sales agents can refer business your way should their existing clients require your services.

Let them know that you're looking to hear from both agents who:

A). Are actively looking to sell the products/services you offer on a regular basis

B). Are happy to pay referral commission for referral introductions and you'll close the business on their behalf.


In this field let sales agents know what your Unique Selling Proposition is. Essentially, this is what makes your company, products and services stand out from your competitors. You can also mention any awards you’ve won or significant media coverage you’ve received to bolster those claims.

It's your USP that will close a potential client and make them pick you over your competition. If you're struggling to imagine what your USPs are, a good exercise is to list the most significant questions/objections you encounter and how you overcome them.

Commission %

You should enter the commission % you’re willing to pay your sales agents here.

While there’s no set formula to how much you should pay, it’s important to remember that you’re competing against other companies for the best sales agents. You should also bear in mind that sales agents incur their own expenses when representing your company and they should be rewarded adequately. Sales agents will also expect to be paid residual commissions when their clients renew or re-order from you.

The general rule of thumb is to be as generous as possible. You can also take a look at what your competitors are offering by clicking on the ‘View Opportunities From Other Companies’ tab.

There will always be a negotiation when discussing commissions with your new sales partners so what you enter here is just an indication.

Commission Details

If your commission structure is more complex than a simple % on sales, go ahead and enter a brief description here.

Selling Method

How are your products or services usually sold? Go ahead and select the options that apply to your business.

Industries - Your Industry

Select the industries that apply to your business.

Industries - Target Industries

Select the industries that you produce products or services for.

Product & Service Keyword Tags

Select keywords relating to the products or services relevant to your opportunity, or add your own by typing the name of the product/service and pressing 'enter'. Where possible, try to use keywords that have already been created which will help with exposure.


Here’s where you’ll provide details of the territories you wish to target. You can select ‘global’ if your organisation provides products and services globally, or use the world region and countries drop downs to be more specific. Please only select ‘global’ if you can service clients globally.


Here’s where you’ll ask for more information from sales agents who apply to work with you. State the minimum number of years experience you would like agents to have and then ask up to four questions that the agent will answer along with their application.

Questions could relate to their experience selling within your industry. About the size of their existing network or simply regarding them to be more specific as to what drew them to your opportunity.

Details - About The Opportunity

This field should contain what we call “the meat and bones” of the sales opportunity you're presenting to agents.

Keeping the tone set towards the sales agent you should cover as much information as possible to enable the agent to decide whether or not this is a suitable sales opportunity for them.

Tip: Imagine the perfect sales agent was sitting directly across from you and asked "So, tell me more about this opportunity".

Make sure you cover specifics about the who's, what's, when's, why's and where's here.

Direct everything that you say towards the agent as if that person is in front of you.

Let them know about your company and why you’re better than your competition. What you do and who you provide solutions for. Cover details about your innovative products or services and the problem they solve for your clients.

Sales agents also appreciate companies who understand how they operate. They are experienced sales professionals who are looking for new opportunities to add to their growing portfolios. They’re generally looking to form long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Always remember that this is not a traditional job role for someone seeking employment and it’s you, the company that instead has to sell yourself to agents.

Average Deal Value

Here you should think about and select the total value per sale placed by a typical business client when ordering from your company. This will give sales agents an idea of what they can expect when selling your products or services.

Please note, if you sell smaller value physical items we’re not talking about the per-unit cost, it would instead be the total spent when a typical client purchases in bulk.

Average yearly customer value

How much do your customers spend with you every year? Please select a corresponding value from the dropdown menu.

What kind of self-employed sales professional do you feel is best suited to your opportunity?

Here you should let sales agents know what you think makes someone suitable for your sales opportunity. You can address things like having experience selling within your industry, or who they should feel comfortable talking to i.e. C-Level executives.

Try and be as specific as possible but it’s important to avoid any language that turns your ‘opportunity’ into a ‘job role’. Please remember, these sales agents are self-employed, not employees. They will also be representing your company as part of their wider portfolio so you can’t set strict sales targets, require them to work from your offices or set hours you expect them to work.

Exclusive Territory Available

Only tick this box if you’re willing to offer exclusive territory to a sales agent. If you do give someone exclusivity then you won’t be able to allow other sales agents to sell in that region. We recommend you don’t give exclusive territories to an agent until they have proven themselves over a period of time.

Average sales cycle

This field relates to the length of time it generally takes from first contact with a potential new client, to making the final sale. Please be accurate to instil confidence in sales agents. Having a short sales cycle isn’t necessarily better than a longer one as agents diversify their portfolios and will happily entertain longer cycles for higher rewards when the sale is complete.

Why should self-employed sales professionals consider working with your company?

Use this section to further reinforce the reasons you feel that sales agents would have an advantage working with you. Remember that you're still talking directly to the agents here so make sure the tone is correct by visualising that person sat in front of you.

This is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself to the fullest and let sales agents understand what makes you better than your competitors. Really blow your own trumpet and talk about the great things you have achieved and how the agent can become part of this successful journey with you.

It’s also a good idea to let sales agents know that you understand the way in which they operate and that you’re looking to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the right partners.

What kind of self-employed sales professional do you feel is best suited to your opportunity?

Use this section to let sales agents know who you feel would be best suited to working with your company.

Is it important that they have prior experience selling your type of products or services (usually only reserved for very technical sales where training would otherwise take long periods of time). Or, do you have a preferred sales style you would like the agent to possess? Have a think about the traits that you would like someone who’s representing your brand to have and let them know here.

Say something about the training and support you provide to sales professionals

Use this section to let sales agents know how they will learn about your products and services as well as the support that will be available to them when they are out selling. Let them know you’ll be monitoring your CommissionCrowd account and you’ll be on hand when they need it.

If you don’t already have training tasks already set up within your CommissionCrowd account, now is a good time to do this.

Now make it look good

Now it’s time to add the aesthetics to your sales opportunity. Go ahead and upload your company logo and create a banner image that sits at the very top of your sales opportunity (dimensions 1090px by 200px).

You should always make this look as professional as possible to reflect your brand in the best possible light. You can use a free design tool called Canva to easily create your banner and other images.

Products / Services Gallery

We provide space for up to five high quality images of your products or services. If you don’t sell physical goods then use this space to show pictures of your lovely offices for example. It’s important to add these as they contribute to the completeness score of your sales opportunity.


We also provide space within your sales opportunity for an embedded video. We highly recommend taking a few minutes to record a senior member of your team introducing your company and talking about the sales opportunity you’re presenting to sales agents. It doesn’t have to be incredibly fancy, using a smartphone will do as long as it looks professional. Remember, set the tone towards sales agents as if they are sitting in front of you.

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