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Opportunity Advantages - The Key Aspects Of An Attractive Sales Opportunity
Opportunity Advantages - The Key Aspects Of An Attractive Sales Opportunity

How to write an attractive sales opportunity for sales agents. This article lists the most important things agents look for in a company.

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Opportunity Advantages are the key to an attractive sales opportunity. You should aim to highlight as many of these (below) that apply to your company within your sales opportunity.

We surveyed the independent sales agent community and used the data we gathered to order this list from most important to least important from their perspective. The following table lists and defines each advantage in order.


Agent perspective

Excellent client satisfaction

Sales agents are most interested in your company’s ability to satisfy a new client. Indicators include customer satisfaction, average star ratings, client retention, healthy referral flow, and reviews.

High demand for the product/service

The higher the demand, the easier the sale; indicators include current market trends, general global market shifts and sustained growth year-on-year.

Positive client testimonials

Can you demonstrate positive customer testimonials, reviews and case studies? These not only inspire confidence in new customers but your sales partners too.

Competitive commission rate

You'll need to be competitive with your commission rates to attract the best sales agents. Remember, you're competing against other companies for the top sales talent.

Evidence of an established company

Agents see this as confirmation that the client knows how to satisfy a customer and deliver on their promises; indicators include track record, years in business, number of clients, big-name clients, number of projects completed, other performance- or outcome-oriented metrics.

High average close rate

This indicates product-market fit, which is a green flag for agents; “our current team closes 40% of our leads…”

High residual commission

Agents generally expect (and love) residuals, which are additional commissions earned from monthly/annual recurring services or repeat business (when the client places repeat orders)

You should highlight that you offer “lifetime” residual commissions on repeat/recurring business for as long as the client stays with you.

Defined and proven sales process

This means the agent can hit the ground running and start earning sooner with minimal trial-and-error; emphasize “our proven/tested/defined/successful sales process…”

Excellent sales training

Demonstrates to the agent that you are there to support your new sales agents and are prepared to help them succeed.

Robust, unique selling proposition (USP)

Good USPs make for easier sales; highlight what makes your products and services stand out in the company summary field.

A Unique Selling Proposition is a competitive advantage that puts a company in a “category of one”.


Bonuses are extra commissions tied to performance thresholds; they are less common in the commission-only sales world but are a powerful motivator and set you apart from the competition.

Support from someone who has successfully sold the product/service

This means the agent can learn from someone who’s already been through the trial-and-error phase;

For example: “you’ll meet one-on-one with our Sales Director, who has successfully sold our services for over 10 years…”

Accelerated commission payout terms

Accelerated = less than 7 days.

While it's not essential to offer accelerated commission payouts, it can be an attractive draw for new sales partners.

Set leads provided for you

If you have inbound, warm or even cold leads, it's beneficial to offer some to your best performing sales partners to supplement their prospecting efforts.

Highlighting this in the sales process summary field can give you the edge over your competitors.

Strong sales literature

Having solid sales and marketing materials helps ensure a much smoother sales process.

Brochures, product spec documents and a modern, well-designed website can make the difference.

If you have these available, you should let this be known within your sales opportunity.

High average deal value

How much do your clients pay for your products or services? A high average 'deal value' means higher commissions for the sales agent and makes your proposition more compelling.

High revenue numbers

This would be your company's revenue numbers as an indicator of your success, prominence, and ability to satisfy a client. It's rare to publish this within your sales opportunity, but it can be very compelling if you can.

Evidence of successful existing salespeople

Do you currently work with independent sales professionals or an in-house sales team?

If you have evidence of working successfully with sales professionals, you should Indicate this within your sales opportunity.

Defined and proven appointment-setting process

A well-defined and proven appointment-setting process means the agent can start performing and earning sooner.

If you have a proven/tested/defined/successful appointment-setting process, let it be known within your sales opportunity.

Extra training and support

If you are prepared to offer extra training and support to your new sales partners (should they need it), let it be known within your sales opportunity as it Indicates that your company is prepared to help them succeed.

Short sales cycle

A short sales cycle usually takes ten days or less from first contact with the prospect to closing the sale successfully.

While sales agents generally like a mix of short, medium and long sales cycle products and services within their portfolio, it can be attractive if your company has a short sales cycle.

Therefore, it should be highlighted within your sales opportunity.

Value alignment

If your company stands for something and has a powerful message/story to share, highlight these values to attract sales agents with the same values.

Competitive client pricing

Are your company's products or services of the highest quality and competitively priced? If so, you should mention this within your sales opportunity.

Being competitively priced makes the deal easier to close for the sales agent.

Little competition for the product/service

Sometimes a company will have a significantly differentiated product/service, dominates a niche market or is first-to-market with a superior offering in an in-demand category. If any of these apply to your company, then let it be known.

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