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A guide to help you get set up for the first time on CommissionCrowd

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This guide takes you through the basics of CommissionCrowd and will ensure you're set up for success.

CommissionCrowd is 100% FREE for independent sales professionals. You'll connect with incredible companies and manage your commission-only sales partnerships easily all in one place!

Please remember that CommissionCrowd serves the commission-only sales industry. Our company members are looking to partner with commission-based professionals and therefore do not pay a salary or fees. Asking for upfront fees will result in being removed from the platform.


TIP: If you are new to self-employment and just starting out building your sales portfolio or want some great tips to earn more, we also recommend taking a couple of minutes to read this article: The Complete Guide To Becoming A Successful Independent Sales Rep Or Manufacturer's Rep



  • Click on your avatar image (top right) in your dashboard

  • Select the 'Edit profile' option

What to do: Complete your profile as comprehensively as possible to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

IMPORTANT TIP: Your profile is the place to showcase your experience as a self-employed sales professional. Make sure to keep your information up-to-date so that you attract great companies to add to your sales portfolio..



Our mission at CommissionCrowd is to help you connect and build trust with companies fast. We know that time is money for you, and so we've implemented ways to help you get to that trust faster.

After signing up you would have received an email to verify your account. Please make sure you open the email and verify your account as soon as possible. If you haven't received it, you should check your junk folder incase it's ended up there.

This step helps us to verify your account and securely process things like payments and contracts in the future.

Tip: Whitelist and mark emails coming from CommissionCrowd as important with your email provider. This will ensure you never miss important notifications regarding your account.



You'll receive your commissions quickly and securely from the companies you work with. After closing new business, you can raise an invoice directly within your account and you'll be paid your agreed commissions directly into your bank account.

When you set up your bank information within CommissionCrowd, it's done via our payment provider Stripe. We chose to integrate with Stripe because they are one of the leading payment provider solutions and are certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Our integration with Stripe also means that CommissionCrowd and the companies you're working with, do not hold, or have access to any of your details.



Once you've completed your profile a whole world of incredible independent B2B sales opportunities opens up for you. Whether you're just starting out as an independent sales rep and are seeking your very first opportunity or are looking for products/services that compliment your existing networks and sales portfolio, CommissionCrowd has what you're looking for!  

TIP: Keep your searches high level at first and filter by "Company Industry" and/or "Target industry" to return the most results for the sales opportunities you might want to pursue.

What can you do on the results page?

  • Filter by (top middle filters): Completeness, relevance, most recent, most views or commission %

  • Favorite opportunities to come back to later by clicking on the 'star' icon to the left of the company's logo

  • View commission % at a glance (more detailed information contained within the opportunity when opened

  • Open the full opportunity - Click the red 'View Details' button to open the opportunity and read full details

What can you do in an open sales opportunity page?

  • Ask a question: Selecting this with open up a popup box where you can message the company posting the sales opportunity.

  • Shortlist by adding to your favourites: You can save opportunities to come back and look at later.

  • Apply to the sales opportunity: This will open a popup box that enables you to apply. When you apply to work with a company, a link to your profile will be sent to the company, from where they will be able to get in touch if they think you're a good fit. Applications are more likely to succeed if they're accompanied by a direct message or cover letter. If the company has set up any custom questions for candidates, make sure you answer them here as well. The more opportunities you apply to, the likelier the chance is for you landing the perfect sales opportunity!

  • Share: If you know anyone who may be interested in the sales opportunity, you can share it here.



After successfully connecting with a company you want to work with, you'll be prompted to enter details that will be used by the company when drawing up a draft of the contractual agreement you'll both be signing before starting work together.

The screen looks like this:

Please make sure to add your details accurately as this will make up the basis of a legally binding contractual agreement. Don't worry though, you will have full access to view and approve the contract, as well as request amendments before signing.



CommissionCrowd has been designed specifically for busy freelance sales professionals. You'll save time, be more organised than ever and sell more when using our functionality.

When connected with a company, you'll never have to report your activity manually ever again. Your simple drag and drop sales pipeline speaks with the companies you're connected with. But don't worry about lead privacy, only you'll be able to see the detailed information you create within your leads.

On the other hand, when a company creates and allocates a lead to you, you'll have access to this information and it'll appear in your pipeline instantly.

IMPORTANT TIP: You don't have to be connected with a company to use your sales pipeline and CRM. Give the 'Quick add' a try and see how easy your life becomes!



Sharing a CommissionCrowd affiliate link with the B2B companies you know is an excellent way for you to earn extra money.

Earn up to 15% of the membership fee we charge companies to join CommissionCrowd. You can find your unique referral link by clicking on your avatar image (top right of your dashboard) and selecting the 'Spread the word and earn money' link. We track everything for you. Send them our way, we'll close them and you'll earn commissions. 

TIP: It couldn't be easier to earn with us. Tell your Linkedin network, message your email contacts, share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or why not write a blog post about us which contains your unique referral URL.


We pay an even higher commission rate to independent sales representatives who wish to help sell for us on a longer-term basis and have consultative calls with potential clients.

If you're interested in this, please apply to our sales opportunity (here) and have a chat with Laura, our CEO, who can discuss with you the opportunity to become part of CommissionCrowd in more detail.



You can access your account settings via the cog icon at the top right of the CommissionCrowd App.

<a href="https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/212803241/8caf59a0fa461f3797ab8e13/Screenshot+2020-05-27+at+21.58.17.png" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/212803241/8caf59a0fa461f3797ab8e13/Screenshot+2020-05-27+at+21.58.17.png</a>

Notification Preferences

You have full access to control the notifications you receive In your account settings. You can toggle the following settings:

  1. Desktop notification alerts.

  2. Receive emails with opportunities matching your requirements.

  3. Automatically mark all notifications as read when you close the notifications screen.

<a href="https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/212804160/a1fbb66da51c0c126889fb1d/Screenshot+2020-05-27+at+22.03.43.png" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/212804160/a1fbb66da51c0c126889fb1d/Screenshot+2020-05-27+at+22.03.43.png</a>

Your Data

As a user on our platform, you reserve the right to:

  1. Export your personal data.

  2. Delete your account from our database (which deletes all data associated with it).

<a href="https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/212805707/5e12196182d99fda0ff8934f/Screenshot+2020-05-27+at+22.09.27.png" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/212805707/5e12196182d99fda0ff8934f/Screenshot+2020-05-27+at+22.09.27.png</a>



We want you to be hugely successful when selling with the companies you've connected with on CommissionCrowd, so we've set up these guidelines for all the agents on our platform.

The quality of one user affects the reputation of all, so please work together to create the best possible experience for all users.

Please note that we have the right to suspend any account at any time if users are not in accordance with our terms. I'm sure you will find they are very straightforward and agreeable.

Please do...

  1. Respond to invitations and messages from companies within a timely manner (48 hours).

  2. Politely decline interviews for companies you do not have an interest in selling.

  3. Show up on time for scheduled interviews.

  4. Maintain a complete and accurate profile

  5. Update your visibility if you are not currently looking for new opportunities

  6. Include a thoughtful cover message with applications specifically highlighting your skillset as it applies to the opportunity

Please do NOT...

  1. Ask for upfront fees or retainers outside of a commission-only sales role. The agents on our platform are independent 100% commission, agents.

  2. Offer any services other than that of an independent salesperson.

  3. Send unsolicited mass emails or spam.

  4. Sign agreements with companies with whom you are not serious about engaging with. Please remember, signing contractual agreements are legally binding.

Enjoy Your Time With CommissionCrowd!

We wish you a happy and profitable journey with CommissionCrowd and it's great to have you with us!

If you have any questions in general, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Live Chat, or support@commissioncrowd.com.

Here's to your success!

Mo N'Jie

Director of Customer Success

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