You must have an active account with both
CompanyCam and JobNimbus in order to integrate the two services. 

1. Go to your "Settings" page in JobNimbus 

2. Click on API on the bottom/right.

3. Click the blue button 'New API Key'. Click in the open/white field and choose CompanyCam. Click 'Select Profile' and choose 'Admin' from the list. Click blue button 'save'.

4. Click 'Copy'

5. Open CompanyCam and log in. Hover over the upper right corner & select 'Account' from the drop-down menu.

6. Click 'Integrations'

7. Click 'Integrate' next to JobNimbus

8. Paste in the API KEY that you copied from your JobNimbus account.

9. Enter your ADMIN EMAIL ADDRESS from JobNimbus. The integration will only work if the email address you enter is an admin on JobNimbus.

10. Choose to sync 'customers' or 'jobs' from JobNimbus to CompanyCam, and save this information by clicking on the green button that says 'Connect Integration'.

11. Now, in CompanyCam, click Access Tokens in the menu on the left.

12. Click 'Create New Token' (green button)

13. Name the token, select JobNimbus from the drop-down and DO NOT check the optional settings box. Click 'Create Token' (green button)

14. Copy the Token.

15. Now go back to your JobNimbus account. Go to Settings, and choose 'CompanyCam' from the menu on the left. (NOTE: If you do not see CompanyCam in this list, you will need to go to Features and enable CompanyCam.)

16. Paste the token from your CompanyCam account and choose Contacts or Jobs. Make sure to choose the same as you did in Step 10 (see above). Click Save Changes.

Things to Know

To make the integration work smoothly there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

  1. Customers or Jobs will sync from JobNimbus to CompanyCam, but not the other way around.
    Customers or Jobs that you create in JobNimbus will instantly sync to CompanyCam, but projects that you create in CompanyCam will not sync back to JobNimbus.
  2. Photos will sync from CompanyCam to JobNimbus, but not the other way around.
    The photos your company takes in CompanyCam will instantly be available in JobNimbus, but photos that you take or upload in JobNimbus will not sync to CompanyCam.
  3. Photos will only sync to JobNimbus if the admin email from your CompanyCam account matches and admin's email address in your JobNimbus account.
    What this basically means is that for your CompanyCam photos to appear in JobNimbus, the user must exist in both systems with the same email address.

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