How do I submit a review on a Sub?

  1. On the top right of the Sub profile page, click “Submit a Review" 

  2. Complete the mandatory rating questionnaire - If the question does not apply to your experiences with the Sub, simply click “N/A" 

  3. Fill out any pertaining fields at the bottom of the form 

  4. Click “Submit”

  5. Once the form is submitted, the default review page will automatically update with the results from the questionnaire. 

Please note that if you click out of the form at any time before clicking “submit,” the answers will not save, and you will have to restart your review.

Can I delete or edit a review once I have submitted?

Once a review has been submitted, you cannot delete it. However, you can edit any of the answers you submitted by clicking the pencil symbol beside your review. Once you complete any edits, the default review page will automatically update in addition to the date submitted stamp. 

Can I leave more than one review on an individual Sub?

Yes - for instance, if you have worked on multiple projects with a Sub we encourage you to leave a review per project.

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