How is the final rating calculated and broken down?

  • N/A does not equal to zero, it is simply a response for when the question does not relate to the GC’s specific experience with the Sub they are reviewing. 

  • The aggregate rating is the average of all ratings and is specific to that GC company’s reviews

  • Rating (# of stars) is rounded to the nearest 0.5 of a star

The breakdown of the aggregate rating is calculated in the following way:

  • Scheduling Score = Average of Question 1, 2, 3

  • Cost & Change Management = Average of Question 4, 5, 6

  • Quality = Average of Question 7, 8, 9, 10

  • Relationships = Average of Question 11, 12

  • Health, Safety and Environmental = Average of Question 13, 14

Is each section weighted the same?

Each section is weighted the same - as in, no one section holds more of a percentage toward the aggregated rating. However, keep in mind that "null" does not equal zero; therefore, if you put 13 "N/A" scores and one 5 star score, the aggregated rating will be a 5.

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