Getting your data ready to share

The first step to sharing your data is to make sure you have a completed 1Form submission that's up to date with the information you'd like to share. Data Control allows you to share your information with individuals who don't appear on the Authorization Page in Compass.

Sharing your data

With your 1Form data stored safely in Compass, head over to the Data Control page and click Share my 1Form:

You'll see the Share my 1Form view, where you can enter the recipient’s information:

There are a few important fields here:

  • Email, Recipient Name & Company Name - enter the information of the person you wish to share with. If they’ve already registered for Compass, an option to autofill their information will appear

  • Note to Recipient - enter any notes you'd like to send to the recipient here. They'll see this in the invitation email, and when they login in to view the download

  • Include Financial Information - checking this will include your finance data in the data sent to this user. This means we'll include the finance section in the 1Form and all associated attachments. You can choose to include or exclude this information for each share

Once you’ve filled out all the fields, clicking Share will create the data package and notify the recipient that it’s available for them in Compass!

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