What is Data Control?

Data Control allows Subcontractors to send their qualification data to you from the COMPASS 1Form - a standardized data set tailored to the construction industry.

COMPASS addresses the ever increasing demand for risk management during the pre-construction process with a suite of tools built around standardized data. Our products allows Subcontractors to respond efficiently and securely, while General Contractors and other recipients can access the data they need with a quicker turnaround and intelligent analytics that can only exist in a standardized environment.

Signing up for for COMPASS

In order to access data shared with you in COMPASS, you'll need to create an account. If you need help getting set up Creating your account to view data should help.

Viewing the Shared Data

Once you have an account, you'll have access to the Data Control - Shared with me page.

This page contains the data shared with you by Subcontractors along with the details:

  1. Subcontractor and Contact show where the data is from and who at each subcontractor shared the data with you.

  2. Shared On is the date this data was shared.

  3. 1Form Version is the version of data from the subcontractor. You may see different versions from one company over time as a subcontractor continues to update their data in COMPASS, and shares new versions with you.

  4. Revoked On shows the date the Subcontractor has revoked this data (if applicable).

  5. Comment shows any notes from the subcontractor attached to a specific data package

  6. On active data packages, you'll see an option to Download the data.

Compass 1Form Data

The data package is a zip file containing a PDF and all the attachments the subcontractor has chose to include.

If you have any questions about the COMPASS 1Form format, or would like to learn more about leveraging standardized data in your process please contact us at info@compass-app.com

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