The Basics - What is the 1Form?

The COMPASS 1Form is designed to save Subcontractor's (Sub) time and energy as we have standardized qualification data collection through our carefully curated questionnaire. The 1Form is composed of three sections: Business, Health & Safety, and Finance.

Due to the standardized nature of the 1FORM, COMPASS provides full control over who can access your sensitive financial data through the authorization settings.

Learn more about the 1Form here

Why Do GC's Need to See My Financial data?

Financial data is used in the Qualification process to assess and manage risk prior to awarding a contract or project limits.

Single Contract Limit: Maximum contract size that the general contractor is able to award

Aggregate Contract Limit: Maximum total active contracts with the general contractor

Keep in mind there are exceptions as the GC and Sub can work together to increase limits - we recommend Subcontractors initiate a conversation with the GC on ways to increase their qualification limits to be awarded larger contracts; for example, the addition of more data to the 1Form such as bonding, parental guarantee, or letter of credit may be of help.

How do I Grant Authorization to a GC?

  1. Login at

  2. On the navigation menu, click "Authorization Settings"

  3. Check the box "Access to Financial" for the GC that you wish to see your financial data

  4. Click "Authorize Selected" at the bottom right corner to save your changes

How do I Revoke Authorization from a GC?

  1. On the navigation menu, click "Authorization Settings"

  2. Uncheck the box "Access to Financial," for the GC you no longer you wish to. have access to your financial data

  3. Click "Authorize Selected" at the bottom right corner to save your changes

Please Note: All previous data up to the point a Sub revokes authorization will still be available to the GC.

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