View and manage your shared data

Once you’ve shared your data with Data Control, you'll see a table containing your company's sharing history called "My Shared Files." Here you can view important information related to each item, and take action if necessary.

  • Recipient and Company show who your data has been sent to

  • Download On shows if and when the recipient has successfully downloaded your data. This is updated every time the recipient downloads your data.

  • Revoked On will display the date you revoked a share (if applicable)

  • Shared By, Shared On and 1Form Version let you see how your company data has been shared in the past

  • On the right side, you’ll see options to Revoke and Download each share

Revoking a Share

If you share data with an incorrect recipient or no longer need to have the data shared with a specific recipient, you have the option to revoke the share and block all future access.

You can revoke a share at any time by clicking the Revoke button and following though the confirmation dialog. Doing this will remove the option for the recipient to download the information that was previously shared with them.

Downloading your data

You can see what will be available to the recipient by clicking the Download button. This will download a .zip file containing the information you have shared with each specific recipient.


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