What is the 1Form?

The COMPASS 1Form is a standardized questionnaire built for subcontractors to alleviate the repetitive and arduous process of completing multiple forms.

How to access 1Form

  1. Register or login to your COMPASS account

  2. Navigate to COMPASS SRP

  3. Select "Prequalification Forms/Submission"

  4. Click "Create New Submission" or “Update Submission” if there is currently one in progress

How often does the 1Form need to be updated?

The 1Form is designed to be updated once per year when your data has expired, 6 months after your fiscal year-end.

How long does it take to fill out the 1Form?

The 1Form is composed of three sections: Business, Health & Safety, and Finance and will take approximately 3 hours to complete. COMPASS recommends completing every question on the 1Form to better position your company to meet various qualification requirements from general contractors.

How were the 1Form questions determined?

The 1Form was built with the collective input of multiple general contractors across North America. Key questions were pulled from multiple qualification forms and put into a standardized format.

An advisory group of subcontractors, general contractors, association members, insurance and bonding companies participate in providing feedback to ensure the 1Form is up-to-date with industry standards.

When completing the 1Form, there are some quality of life features

  • AutoSave - Your answers are automatically saved as you work through the 1Form, therefore; if you exit the form at any time you can rest assured your answers will be there when you return

  • Autofill - To encourage you to keep your 1Form updated for the countless GCs and their active qualifications, we will pre-populate your responses with your previous submission. This reduces the time it takes to update your data as new financial statements become available

  • Quick Jump - The 1Form sections and questions are displayed on the left-hand navigation menu, you can click each question to quickly jump to different questions

Who can see my financial data?

To learn more about authorizing General Contractors - please see this article

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