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Subcontractor Search Filters
Written by Courtney Scrimshaw
Updated over a week ago

All user types have the ability to apply multiple filters to narrow down their search for subcontractors.

Once a desired number of filters have been checked users also have the ability to save their search by selecting Save as New Search located at the top of the filters panel. A pop-up box will appear prompting you to name the search so it can be recalled at a later date. Select Save to confirm.

Filters include;

QScore - The QScore is COMPASS proprietary evaluation factoring in a subcontractor's Business, Finance, and Health & Safety information

Qualification Status - Users can filter if a subcontractor is Qualified, Qualified with Exceptions, Expired, Denied, or Not Assigned

Tags - Users have the ability to apply tags to a subcontractor's profile, and then filter by specific tags within the subcontractor search module

Authorization Status - Users can search if a subcontractor has Authorized you to view their financial data

Submission Date - Users can search subcontractors by most recent submission; 2 days, 7 days, 30 days, and Year to Date

Trades - Users can search by specific trade CSI code

Office Location - Users can search by province/state office location

Union Status - Users can search whether a subcontractor is union or non-union

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