Editing Project Approval Flows
Written by Amy Ludwig
Updated over a week ago

How to edit an existing Project Approval Flow

Approval Flows are edited by selecting the inline menu icon in the upper-right corner of the Flow panel. On Inactive Flows (where there are no active requests using that flow) admins can toggle the prequalification requirement, add or delete stages and edit Reviewers.

However, if there are requests using the flow, some aspects will be restricted.

In the above example, there is one request in progress using that Approval Flow. As such, the prequalification requirement cannot be changed, and stages cannot be added or removed. The meta-data of the Approval Flow can be edited, as well as the Reviewers inside the stages. Additionally, new reviewers added to existing stages.

Once changes have been made, they can be saved by clicking the save button in the top right corner. Clicking Cancel will discard any changes made. The Approval Flow can also be archived from this view by using the Archive button.

What happens to in-progress requests using the flow?

When an Active Approval Flow is edited, it will affect in-progress requests. If the stage that has been changed has not yet been reached or the request is returned to that stage after editing, the request will use the newest version of the stage.

If the edited stage has already been passed, and does not return to that stage, the request will not be required to fulfill the new requirements of that stage. It will continue through the process as defined by the new edits.

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