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Creating a Project Approval Request
Creating a Project Approval Request
Written by Amy Ludwig
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Approval Requests can be created by selecting the Create Request button in the upper-right corner of the Project Approval Requests page.

A flyout will occur on the right hand side of the screen that prompts the user to Create a Project Approval Request. In this form, the GC will be prompted to add information pertaining to the approval request with the existing information on Compass and/or create their own information by selecting typing in the dropdown.

Select or Create a Project

The first step in creating a Project Approval Request is selecting the project. This will search COMPASS for all current projects by both name and project number. If the Project is not currently in COMPASS, you can add it directly from the flyout.

To add a new project, simply select the Create a New Project button in the dropdown. The only required field is the Name of the project, however an internal project number can be added for ease of identification later.

Fill Out Information

Following the selection of subcontractor from the COMPASS registered list of subcontractors, the Approval Flow (see "Creating a new Project Approval Flow"), Trade, and Requestor, fill in the remaining information regarding Contract Award Value. Optional fields to add information include: Scope Start, Scope End, Required By Date.

To start the request, select Create Project Approval Request in the bottom right corner.

To close or cancel the creation, select Cancel in the bottom left corner of the flyout or the X at the top right corner. Note that this will not save changes to the flyout for later.

A green confirmation notification that the request was successfully created should appear in the top right hand side of the screen. To check if it was created, select Requested On to filter by ascending or descending date to find your request.

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