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Leaving a Review on a Project Approval Request
Leaving a Review on a Project Approval Request
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Complete a Review

In this example, the user is tasked to complete their review for this project approval Request.

All Requests that require your review can be seen by selecting the quick filter for Requires my Review.

To complete a review, open the flyout by Clicking the details link for that request. The flyout will include the quick view of the flow progress thus far, under the Review Process block. The current stage will be highlighted to show the reviewer(s) responsible for that stage. If it is currently your turn to review, there will be a large Complete your Review button at the bottom of the flyout.

Upon clicking the Complete your Review button, a modal will appear in the middle of the screen.

To close the modal without leaving a review, select the Cancel button at the bottom left hand side of the modal or the X at the top right hand side. Note that the modal will not save any changes if closed this way.

Select the appropriate radio button and add an optional comment. If Qualified for SDI with Exceptions is selected, an additional text box will appear under the review to provide Exceptions. This will be required for that option.

To submit the review, select the button labelled Submit Review on the bottom right hand side of the modal. This will close the modal and apply your review to the request.

The request flyout will remain open, and the new review will appear in the Review Process Block. The below example has 2 stages, indicated by the light blue highlighted portion at the bottom of the Review Process section. Once the first review stage is done, the next approver will be notified by email to complete their review. They will receive reminder emails 3 days after they are first notified if the review is still not completed.

The stage of review should update for the Request in the table as well.

For the stages follow the first, there is an additional option to push back the review to any previous stage. This will return the request to the specified stage and capture that it was returned in the history.

Once all stages have been completed, the request will disappear from the Open Requests tab. The flyout will remain open for review, but upon closing it, the request can be found either in the closed requests tab of the Project Approval Requests menu item, or it can be found on the Project Approval Requests tab of the subcontractor's profile.

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