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Create a new project and customize the notifications, stakeholders and project documentation

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The Admin has the capability to create new projects. While creating the new project, the Admin can customize the weather monitoring standards, notifications recipients and add important compliance documentation each stakeholder may need to access. 

To create a new project:

  1. Login to your Admin account. 

  2. Add the Permittee name:

    1. Service Providers: If your company is a 3rd provider inspecting a facility or project on behalf of a general contractor, agency, etc., first add the name of the Permittee before creating a project.

      1. From the Dashboard, select your company ‘Name’ at the top of the page.

      2. From the Account Setup Details select ‘Permittees’.

      3. Type the name of the Permittee into the Add New field, select ‘Add’.

      4. If the Permittee is already listed, do not add the Permittee again.

    2. General Contractor/Owner: If you are performing site inspections for your internal company, add your company name to the Permittee list as described above.

  3. From the Account Setup Details select the ‘Projects’ tab.

  4. Select ‘Create New’ at the top of the page.

  5. Enter the project location and related details. See specific field characteristics or requirements below.


Longitude/Latitude: In order to successfully monitor the weather near the project, we recommend entering the GPS coordinates. Without them, the system will automatically calculate and apply the GPS coordinates based on the address information. If you feel the coordinates are not correct, you can update them in the project's profile.  


Inspection Report Recipient: These recipients receive email notifications when an inspection report is submitted. They may view the report via the email hyperlink but may not sign the inspection report. They generally are passive users that do not need to interact with the inspection information other than these notifications. To add multiple recipients, separate the emails by a comma (e.g.,

NOTE: Collaborators assigned to the project automatically receive personalized email notifications after each inspection report is submitted. If the Admin both assigns the project to the Collaborator and lists the Collaborator's email here, the user will receive two email notifications.

Work Order Recipient: When user closes an open maintenance or corrective activity, the emails listed in this field will receive an email notifying them of the closed status. To add multiple recipients, separate the emails by a comma (e.g.,

NOTE: Collaborators and Viewers DO NOT automatically receive complete work order notifications. The Admin will need to add their email address here.

3/5/7 - Day Notice Recipient: Emails included in the three - , five - or seven - day notice recipient fields automatically receive an email reminder to perform any open maintenance or corrective activities according to the most recent inspection. If the items’ status is ‘Open’ in the system, the notifications continue to send until they are closed. If there are no maintenance or corrective activities identified, or if all activities have been closed, these recipients will not receive a notification.

NOTE: Collaborators and Viewers DO NOT automatically receive the reminder notifications. The Admin will need to add their email address to each appropriate notice level


Indicate the minimum chance of precipitation (%) and minimum amount of precipitation (inches) the Comply26 weather monitoring feature will use to alert assigned users of upcoming or past triggering precipitation events. 

Note, lower values provide more conservative monitoring standards and may result in more frequent notifications. Regardless, we highly recommend confirming with onsite officials if the site has received enough precipitation to trigger a post or pre-precipitation event inspection. 

Assigned Collaborators and Inspectors will automatically receive weather alert notifications. Viewers do not receive these notifications.


Indicate if the location of the project’s control measures will be identified by stationing (e.g., 110+00) or generally described (e.g., Perimeter, Entrance).

  1. Select ‘SWPPP Inspection’ or ‘Station – Based Inspection’ based on the project type. 

  2. Enter the location, control type and quantity for at least one control.

  3. Add additional controls by selecting ‘Add Row’ and remove controls by selecting the ‘-‘ icon next to each row. 

The Admin may update the temporary controls over the course of the project. Historical reports will not be impacted.

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