If you have been invited as an Inspector to a project, you have the ability to create new inspection reports.

To create a new inspection report:

  1. Log in to your Comply26 account. 

  2. Click on the project's name listed in the 'My Project Data' table. You can search for the project by typing the name in the search bar.

  3. Select the 'Inspection Reports' tab in the left table.

  4. Select 'New SWPPP' or 'New Station' to begin a new inspection report.

  5. The following page will open the blank inspection report form. All fields are required in order to submit a final inspection report. 

  6. When ready to finalize and submit the form, click 'Save Final'. If any required fields are blank, the form will direct the Inspector to complete those fields. 

WHAT If? If you find at step #4 the option to create a new inspection is not available? Ask your Admin to invite you as an Inspector or to update your role to Inspector. Only Inspectors can create new reports.

WHAT IF? If the form does not save due to incomplete fields, but you are not sure which fields are incomplete, look for one or more fields outlined in red. 

A few notes regarding the inspection report: 

  1. The form does not require a photo in the S&EP2 table to submit a final report.

  2. If the Inspector identifies maintenance or corrective activities, the system will not allow the Inspector to enter both a maintenance activity and corrective action for a single control (i.e., in the same row). Depending on the activity, the Inspector should enter ‘None’ for corresponding maintenance and a corrective action, or vice versa. Example: A NPDES Posting may require maintenance such as ‘Reset’ but no corrective action. Conversely, a NPDES Posting may require no maintenance but a corrective action because it was never installed. Lastly, the Inspector may indicate there is not activity required for a control (e.g. it is operating effectively) by inputting 'None' and 'None' in both the maintenance and corrective action columns. 

  3. In the General Site Inspection Items, the answer to each question automatically populates to the compliant response. It is important to review each question and update the response accordingly if an item is not compliant at the time of inspection. 

  4. If an action is required (‘Yes’ button selected), the Inspector must include a note describing their observations or a description of the action. 

  5. If needed, the Inspector may save a draft inspection report (‘Save for Now’) to complete and submit later. See this article to access draft inspection reports. 

NOTE: The system will not save photographs if the form is first saved as a draft. The Inspector will need to re-upload the site photographs prior to submitting the final report. 

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