Update your Site Map

Use the embedded tools to note the installation, removal or other changes to your sediment and erosion control plan.

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Admin, Collaborators and Inspectors are able to interact with a project’s erosion control or site map. They may access the project’s profile, select the page in question and use the built-in tools to indicate the current location of temporary controls, installation dates, removal dates and stabilization dates. 

Viewers are not able to modify the site map. The Viewer is able to see the site map changes and associated Change Log.

Each page includes a Change Log which doubles as a map legend and audit trail. The Modified Date allows a Permittee or Operator to demonstrate their ongoing compliance through the duration of the project. 


  1. Go to the Project's Profile.

  2. Select the 'Site Maps' tab.

  3. To open the editing feature, select the file name of the page you want to edit. 

  4. Select a tool or shape to identify the change. You can edit and re-position the text, line, shape or icon as needed once added to the map. 

  5. As you add features to the site map, the Change Log (located below the site map) will automatically begin to track the changes. Indicate which activity occurred for each control (installed, removed, final stabilization), the date performed and the location corresponding with the site map.

  6. If a BMP location moves at a later date, you may click & drop the BMP to its new location. The Change Log will add a child row to the BMP to track the movement of the BMP over the course of the project. 

  7. To DELETE a row in the Change Log, select the ‘-‘ in the right column.

  8. To manually ADD a row in the Change Log, select the ‘+’ in the necessary row if a child item, and the ‘+Add New Item’ if a new parent row. 

  9. Zoom: Use your mouse to zoom in/out by scrolling with navigation wheel. 

  10. Move Map: When zoomed it, move the map by holding the Shift, clicking on the map and move as needed. 

  11. Navigation: Navigate from page to page by selecting the < and > arrows at the top of the page. 

  12. To go back to the project profile, select ‘Project Details’ on the top menu bar or ‘Close’ after the Change Log. 

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