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Let the Activity Logs do the remember for you.

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The Comply26 system provides four activity logs to help each user monitor and track its compliance activities: SWPPP Amendment Log, Precipitation Event Log, Maintenance Log, Sweeping Log.

The system automatically adds data to the Precipitation Event and Maintenance Logs. 

When the Inspector lists a precipitation event in an inspection report, the system adds it to the corresponding log. 

When the Inspector notes maintenance or a corrective action, the system notes it in the Maintenance Log with its current status. Similarly, if a user creates a Work Order, the system adds the items to the Maintenance Log with a link to the corresponding Work Order. The status noted in the Maintenance Log updates as each activity is completed and closed. 


  1. Select ‘Activity Logs’ in the left - handed menu.

  2. Enter the Company and Project and select ‘Submit’. 

  3. To change the project, select ‘Change Project’ and enter a new Company and/or Project.


  1. To add a new entry to any log, open the respective log and select ‘Add Entry’.

  2. Complete the requested fields and select ‘Save’. 

  3. To cancel an entry without saving, select ‘Cancel’.


Print the log by selecting ‘Print’ in the top – right corner.

Share the log by sending a link which the recipient may use to download a PDF of the log with the entries completed to date. 

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