There are four primary roles available to Comply26 users. Each has access to the same tools and features with slight degrees of variation. 

ADMINISTRATOR: The Admin is the work horse. The Admin roles allows the user to create new projects, invite users and update all forms except the Inspection Report. The Admin may also update the account’s logo, customization features and billing information. Only the Admin account can add, edit or deactivate projects. 

The Admin may view, update or access all project data or forms. They may view all inspection reports created by or for its partners and may update project related information such as, dates of maintenance activities, compliance activity logs, project documentation, etc. 

COLLABORATOR: A Collaborator may view and update project documentation, activity dates, site maps, work orders, etc. The Collaborator cannot update or change inspection report information. However, the Collaborator may accept the certification statement and sign inspection reports when they view a new inspection report if they meet the Signatory Authority requirements for the regulating body.

INSPECTOR: An inspector may create and submit new inspection reports, update activity logs and corrective action reports, and access or update project documentation. The Inspector has the ability to view Work Orders but cannot manually create new Work Orders. 

VIEWER: The Viewer is able to navigate the platform and see all documentation, complete and incomplete, for each assigned project. The Viewer is not able to update or change any data or documentation. This role is best for Agency partners, Regulators, or passive users that only need to look, but not touch.

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