Go to the Project's Profile

The Project's Profile is a hub of data.

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The Project's Profile is the main hub for all documentation and project details. You will be able to find all forms, documentation and distribution information in one place.

If you are an Admin, to go to a Project's Profile:

  1. Select the Project menu option on the left-hand side. Then select ‘My Projects’.

  2. Here you will see projects to which you have access as the Admin or other roles.

  3. Select the ‘Details’ link in the Action column to view the project profile information, inspection reports, work order, and documentation.

If you are a Collaborator, Inspector or Viewer:

  1. Go to the Dashboard.

  2. Select the project name in the 'My Projects Data' table.

    1. You can search for the project name by typing the name in the search bar.

  3. There. All done.

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