Same User - Multiple Roles

If your role varies from project to project, you can access all projects from the same account.

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Some stakeholders wear multiple hats and may need to hold a different role for different projects.

In Comply26 a user's role is specific to the project. For example, perhaps they inspect Project A and are just an observer for Project B.

When the Admin invites the user to a new project, the Admin specifies the user's role in the invitation. The invited user's accessibility to each project is then dependent on their assigned role.

If you are not sure what level of access you have to a project, your dashboard will tell you:

  1. Login to Comply26.

  2. Scroll to the 'My Project Data' on the dashboard.

  3. Look to the Role column on the right - hand side.

  4. Your role for each project is listed.

If you need to modify your access - level, inform your Admin. The Admin can remove and/or update your access.

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