Prior to completing their first inspection, new Inspectors need to complete their profile to include their title, inspection qualifications and signature.

A new Inspector will be prompted to do so on a Project's Profile. But, it may be easier to go directly to the Inspector's profile and edit the information upon first logging in.

To finalize the profile:

  1. Login to Comply26.

  2. Hover over your email address in the top - right corner and select 'User Profile'.

  3. Update your Title.

  4. Update your qualification (e.g. CISEC, P.E., CESCL).

  5. Upload an image of your signature by selecting ‘Choose File’.

  6. Use your file explorer to navigate to the file you wish to use.

    1. Your signature file must be a .jpg or .png file.

  7. To quickly create a signature, this service will allow you to create and save one to your device for free.

    1. After saving the file to your device, return to step #6.

  8. Select 'Save'.

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