Compose doesn’t connect directly to the tools you use, instead Compose takes email notifications from your tools and turns them into actionable messages, which are easier to view, organise, and stay on top of.

In particular, these notifications:

  • Surface the tool logo to show you where they have come from.

  • Give you information about the type of notification it is (e.g. new comment, or mention).

  • Display a clear, relevant subject and preview.

  • Include an action URL, which can take you straight to the desired destination without having to open the message.

In order to see your tool notifications in Compose, all you need to do is turn on email notifications for that tool. There is a guide for how to do this for each specific tool that we support.

Once you’ve turned on notifications, use our Tool Notifications template to group them all together in one split.

This is what a split with lots of different tool notifications might look like:

Below is a list of the tools that we currently support notifications for in Compose.

If there are any more tools that you want us to add to the list, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will work on getting them supported for you!

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