You want to add loyalty programs? That’s how it works!

Comtravo supports a large number of loyalty cards and programs for companies. 

These can be added at

Please note that depending on the provider, we have special requirements regarding the membership number and the format:

  • BlueBiz: your BlueBiz number is needed (e.g., DE12345)

  • Partner Plus Benefit LH: your company ID is needed, esp. Your OSI code (for example LCIDE1234)

  • OnBusiness BA / AA / IB: Your BlueBiz number is required (e.g., OB12345678)

  • SK - SAS Credit: your company code (CMP code) is required (for example ABCDEFG)

  • DY - Norwegian Reward: your Corporate Bonus Agreement Code is required

  • D8 - Norwegian Reward: Your Corporate Bonus Agreement Code is required

  • EK - Skywards: your Emirates Business Rewards number is required (e.g., EK888123456)

  • TAP - Air Portugal: your identification code (CI-Code) is required 

If you have any questions, please contact us personally at

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