You want to regulate the communication? 

In the communication settings, you can define who in your company should receive what documents and communication from Comtravo. As a general rule, any communication with additional email addresses that are not part of a booking request (e.g., cc'ed) will only happen after the booking has been made.

Which options do I have in detail?

Booking confirmation and travel plan 

Define the recipient of the booking confirmation and travel itinerary: traveler and booker or just the booker.

Check-in reminder

Comtravo sends a check-in reminder as soon as the online check-in for a flight is available. You decide if only the booker, only the traveler, or both of them get this email reminder.


Set who will receive the invoices in your company. Only the booker, traveler and booker, or only the accounting department.

Accounting email

Save the email address of your accounting department, and as soon as an address is provided, they will automatically be cc'ed to receive all invoices.

Travel management email

Save the email address of your travel management department. As soon as an address is provided, they will automatically be cc'ed to receive all booking confirmation emails, incl. travel itineraries and invoices.

Send invoice overview to

The invoice overview includes all invoices and an overview of all bookings. You can receive the invoice overview for the entire company or for a certain invoice address. You can set multiple recipients for both of these options.

To set the recipients of the invoice overview on a company level, go to the tab Company and add them in the communication settings. If you want to add recipients for a specific invoice address, you can do so in the invoice address settings. Go to the tab Company and click on Finance.

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