Credit card

With the confirmation of your first offer you confirm your credit card details. You have the possibility with every confirmation/ booking to delete or add cards. 

As a trial customer you initially pay by credit card (default). You can change your payment method upon request. Just reach out to your person of contact at Comtravo.

Invoice and SEPA 

In addition to the credit card, you can pay by invoice, collective bill or SEPA company direct debit (subject to a positive credit check). Please note that we pass on the payment charges: for credit card payments 1.5%, and we charge 1% as a payment fee for invoice/collective bill. The payment by SEPA company direct debit and a collective invoice with the debit of the company account is free!

Change the payment method? That’s how it works!

To change your payment method, please send an e-mail to your point of contact at Comtravo.

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