Overview needed? Sure!

On the Navigation bar under "Bookings" you have a list of all bookings your company has made with Comtravo. 

What is what? 

Booking Items 

Shows you icons for the different types of items you can book with Comtravo. Flight, Hotel, Train, Rental Car or Other Items. The icons indicate whether or not a specific booking contains items of that type. 

Travel Dates 

Indicates the dates of a trip. It is calculated from the first item in your trip to the last item in the whole trip. 

Total Spend

The sum of all costs related to a booking. This includes all fees and rates.

What can I do?

In case there is more than one traveler for a booking, you can hover over the traveler column in order to see the other travelers' names.

You can navigate into a booking to see its details simply by clicking on the row in the table. 

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