You can see all your bookings in MyComtravo under "Bookings". There you have two tabs: Confirmed and In progress.

  1. All your bookings that are already confirmed will show up under Confirmed.

  2. If the processing of your booking hasn't been completed yet, you can see the booking under In progress. The processing may take up to 4 hours.

Sorting is available for Confirmed bookings. Your sorting options are:

  1. Travel date (descending)

  2. Travel date (ascending)

  3. Booking date (descending)

  4. Booking date (ascending)

You can also use filters to find your bookings faster. You can filter by bookings with you as the traveler (My trips) or as the booker (Booked by me), see all your bookings or only completed or upcoming bookings, as well as filter by travel and booking details such as travel date, booked items, invoice profile, or booking date.

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