What are permissions and how do they work?

Permissions are attributes that can be set on your traveler’s profiles. They describe which functions or tasks a user in your organization is allowed to execute. The concept is based on the traveler profiles in MyComtravo. You as the administrator have the possibility to manage the permissions of your travelers. You are able to grant and revoke permissions in the profile editor for the travelers. 

Which permissions are there?

Four permissions are supported: 

Users with this permission are able to manage the master data of their company. They are able to: 

  • Create and manage traveler profiles

  • See all bookings of the company 

  • Manage the company master data 

  • Download reports and invoices for the company 

Book for others
Users with this permission are able to make bookings for any active traveler in the company. They are not able to manipulate company master data, but can create new bookings and add travelers to them. 

Book for themselves
With this permission, travelers are able to request bookings for themselves. They are not able to add other travelers to the booking nor can they book for others.  

View own bookings
Each registered user has the permission "view own bookings". He or she is therewith able to log to MyComtravo and see and manage his or her own profile as well as to see bookings where they are one of the travelers. User with this permission are however not able to make bookings for themselves with Comtravo. Another user with the respective permission settings needs to make all bookings for them. 

How can I manage my travelers' permissions?
You can manage the permissions for your travelers in the traveler overview section of MyComtravo. This is only possible if you have the necessary permission setting allowing you to edit your company's master data.

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