When your travelers book a trip, notifications give you control over who gets notified and for which cases. This is an extension of the company policies feature. For every traveler in the company, you as the admin can choose who they will notify and when. When it comes to notification settings, you can choose between Never, Only for out-of-policy bookings, or All bookings. For each traveler, you can select up to 5 accounts that will be notified.

What is a notification?

A notification is an email that is sent directly to all accounts that have been selected to receive booking alerts for a specific traveler.

The email alert includes:

  • who made the booking

  • who is included in the booking

  • all of the booked items and why they were breaking company policy

When is a notification sent?
The notifications will be sent to the relevant email accounts after the booking has been fully finalized and completed.

How do I set up notifications?

For every traveler, you as an administrator can select who will receive the notifications and for which cases.

To go to the traveler’s profile, click on "Travelers" and select the traveler. 

In the traveler profile, you will find a tab where you can select the notification settings.


You can choose between the following notification settings:

  • Never: the traveler will never send a notification.

  • Only out of policy: the traveler will send a notification to the selected accounts when they book an item that is out of company policy.

  • All bookings: the traveler will send a notification to the selected accounts every time they book a trip.

Who gets notified

You can select up to 5 accounts that get notified. You can do this for:

  • Only out of policy

  •  All bookings.

If at a later stage you change the settings back to “Never”, it’s not necessary to remove the email accounts you selected for the notifications.

Who sends a notification: the booker or the traveler?

Notifications are based on the traveler, not the booker. If the booker arranges a trip for other travelers, the traveler is the one sending the notifications to their selected accounts. For example:

Booker - Bob:

  • needs to notify Alice

  • settings: all bookings.

Traveler - Charlie :

  • does not need to notify anyone

In this case, Bob books a trip for Charlie and no notification will be sent.

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