Lists show an overview of any data in the app: for example posters, exhibitors or persons. These lists can be filtered, for example to only show gold sponsors or oncology-related posters.

Page name

Set the name of the page. This name is displayed in the app bar.

Access restriction & protection

Default, anyone can view the page in the app. You can restrict this below Access restriction & protection. Options are:

  • Restrict access to signed-in users only.

  • Restrict access to users belonging to a certain group.

  • Protect the page with a password.


  • Intro text: this text is displayed above the list. You can give a bit more information about the items in it.

  • List view layout: defines whether the selected items are displayed as a List, or in a Grid view with large images. Please note grid view is only available for persons and institutions.

  • Search bar: the search bar is added right below the title bar. It can be useful to add it if the list is very long, for example for all persons in an event.

  • Data filter: the filters defines which items are shown in the list. You can filter by type and optionally by classifier. Persons or institutions can be filtered even further on role.

  • Grouping: this defines whether results in the list should be grouped by initial. For long lists, like an overview of all persons, it might be useful to enable grouping.

  • Sorting: drag the options in the desired order in which you want to sort the items.

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