The Confidence App is the place work gets done!

Workspaces are both physical and virtual and it’s where you are doing work. They can be homes, businesses, offices, schools, rooms, vehicles; any type.

Within a workspace you can create tasks, which are action oriented items you want to get done. Tasks can be ad-hoc, scheduled, determine if they require visual verification such as a photo or screenshot, and can be assigned. If you have more than one task, you can save them as a group and save them to My Templates.

The Team Owner is the person who wants to stay informed and understand progress. The Team Manager is the person who helps create a job or task and assigns it to a Team Member. The Team is the person who executes on the job or task. Owners can define managers and members. Managers can assign members to a Workspace to complete defined tasks. There are some more fancy things we offer here, best way to learn about them, is to get the app!

Our Marketplace has a library of best practices, guidelines, protocols, and standards to help make adherence to compliance easier. These templates have pre-defined tasks with detailed descriptions and images to make it clear on what needs to be done.

Devices is where you can assign and view which groups of completed tasks earn a Badge of Confidence to be publish to the Confidence Smart Display or the Confidence Virtual Smart Display such as your phone or tablet.

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