Agendas are crucial to many events, so we've made it as simple as possible to build a dynamic agenda for your events. 

This article will cover:

  • Adding a Day

  • Adding a Session

  • Making a Session into a Breakout¬†

  • Adding a Breakout to a Session

How To Add a Day:

Our Agendas are built using Days and Sessions. For starters, every event must have at least one day.

1) Click Agenda in the Side Navigation.

2) Click the Add a Day button.

3) Enter your Day Details.

4) Click the Save button

How To Add a Session:

1) On the Agenda page, click the Add a Session button.

2) In the dropdown menu, select a day for your session.

3) Enter your Session Details.

In the Session Options section, check the box to make the Session into a Breakout Session. We'll cover this more in the following section.

4) Click Submit.

How to Make a Session into a Breakout Session

Breakout Sessions enable you to nest sessions within a session. For instance, if you have several simultaneous sessions you'd create a Breakout Session to hold them.

To create a breakout session, check the box in Session Options labeled "Make this session a breakout".

How to Add a Breakout

1) On the Agenda page, click the +Breakout button on the session you want to add a breakout to.

2) Enter the Session Details for your Breakout Session (this is the same information you need to complete when making a regular session).

3) Click Submit.

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