The best way to improve your events is to listen to your attendees! In Connect Space, our Surveys are attached to Sessions to increase the quality of your results.

1) Click Surveys in the Side Navigation.

2) Click the Add button next to the Session you want to add a Survey to.

3) Type question in the Question box and select your response options. You can choose from the following options:

  • Enable star ratings;
  • Enable comment box;
  • Enable answers; and
  • Archive Question.

Note: Archiving a question removes it from the Attendee’s view of the survey, but does not delete it. You will still see the question when you’re logged in with your Planner account, but it will be marked as archived.

4) To create custom responses, check the Enable answers box. Upon checking the box, the Answers section will appear. There, you can add the answers you want your Attendees to choose from.

5) Click the Submit button.

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